Gmod beta Server?

Does GMOD Beta (The SVN Version) have a dedicated server? Do we need one?

I can set one up that automaticly updates the svn on the server, and it can restart the server aswell…

So do we need this?

(Intended for developers but if players want it to then ya…)

The GMod Beta SVN does not really have it’s own server, ( atleast, I think. ) players with the GMod Beta SVN can play normal Garry’s Mod servers and vice versa. Does that answer your question?

Just download the server portion from HLDSUpdateTool, then clear the orangebox/garrysmod out and SVN the beta into that folder.

What is GMOD Beta SVN?

He was asking what it was, not where he can find it.

The Gmod Beta SVN is basically a pre-release version of Gmod. Garry sometimes puts up pre-release versions of Gmod for people to help bug test and provide feedback on.