GMod binary modules not working since last update

I’ve started to work on another stuff in gmod after a while and now I ran into a problem: GMod doesn’t see my c++ module at all. I read last updates and saw this thing:

At first I thought that there’s no binary code support left, party’s over. But the last line tells that “modules using official ILuaBase interface should not be affected”. Where this “official” interface and how to use it?

Btw, I’m using this interface now: (headers from wiki page)
Module name: “garrysmod/lua/bin/gmsv_matchmaking_win32.dll”
And I’m loading it with code:

local result, retval	= pcall(require, "matchmaking")

where did you put your module? did you use any other headers besides gmod-module-base?


and any output?

  1. I wrote it already in post #1: “garrysmod/lua/bin/gmsv_matchmaking_win32.dll”
  2. I’m using Source SDK 2013 and Windows.h ofc
  3. What output? Lua “require” can’t find any module if you meant that

if you’re using the master branch that’s probably your issue since the development branch is the one with the latest headers

regardless just use this and this

I’ve managed to find out that module becomes “not visible” when I include into code a call to function “ISteamMatchmaking *SteamMatchmaking()” (steam/steam_api.h). I making a menu state module that should be able to add a server to favorites “in one click”. Is there a way to bypass such things or it’s just a anti-hack system that blocks it anyway?

there’s no antihack blocking anything, you mean to tell me your module loads without ISteamMatchmaking stuff but suddenly fails with it? have you filled your module with debugging msgs etc… you really need to be more specific, debug stuff, c’mon man

Okay, I found a workaround:

ISteamClient*	pClient		= SteamClient();
HSteamUser	hSteamUser	= SteamAPI_GetHSteamUser();
HSteamPipe	hSteamPipe	= SteamAPI_GetHSteamPipe();
g_pSteamMatchMaking		= pClient->GetISteamMatchmaking(hSteamUser,

Now it’s kinda works, but anybody knows where I can find flags (unFlags) for this function?

filename "steam\isteammatchmaking.h"

virtual int AddFavoriteGame(AppId_t nAppID, uint32 nIP, uint16 nConnPort, uint16 nQueryPort, uint32 unFlags, uint32 rTime32LastPlayedOnServer) = 0;

---- UPDATE ----

Okay, I think I’ve found out everything that I need. Thank everyone for replies.