Gmod.biZ BP2.1 HL2RP Server #8


I have come here as a request, for new players to experience the world of Half Life 2 from the comfort of your own Garry’s Mod copy.


Half Life 2 Roleplay is a gamemode trying to re-create the experience of walking into the Half Life universe, just as The Freeman did. The gamemode is a chance to meet new people who share the same passion as you, Half Life 2 and roleplaying! Wether it be through the use of a rebel character, a Civil Protection Unit or through being a normal citizen!

The Server:

I have come here today to advertise the server and get fresh people in to the gamemode. We are searching for active roleplayers who appreciate how to roleplay and are willing to stick with the server, HL2RP is all about developing character and PassiveRP, being able to develop a character properly is crucial for the server to grow. We want new players to come and experience this.

The Community:

On the server we want to build up a sort of community of regular players that enjoy the server, not just people that come on and don’t say hello, we want people that are willing to enjoy the roleplay and be able to talk to other members on the server. We try to admin as fairly as possible and love people expressing thier views on what happens to the server. We have a firm workforce of CP at the moment and a rebel group currently, we would like more poeple to join the server so the roleplay can be more enjoyable.

Peak Times:

Mainly people come to the server at about 5PM - 10PM GMT, we usually have a lot more on at any time during the weekend, but estimates for average players on at these times are about 12-15 people.

Server Details:

Here is our gametracker:

This should show alot about the server, for any other additional information visit

Hope to see you on the server soon!

Lets have a look see

:\ The server is down at the moment. Should be back later on.

I tried this, it’s not serious.
CPs were doing a bad job and a group citizens teamed up to punchwhore a CP and start a mingeriot.
Nicely done.

What do you expect? All servers suck ass.

Heh, can’t disagree there, but I enjoyed their GMStranded, but the admins were cocky.

Is kuro’s whitelist down? It seems theres only two HL2RP servers and yesterday there were loads.

Kuro may have just made a fortune…

Long time ago man, things are sorted out, admins are on regularly now and minges are banned ASAP

I hate this. The admins abuse constantly and you keep getting car dm’ed or shot in the head. is owned by Computer22 which of who is probably the dumbest person in existence

Why does try to act like a business?

Oh, Its you guys again.

ow …

Wrong game mode dude, this is HL2RP.

Why do you guys hate computer so much then?

There are vehicles in HL2 theme, what are you talking about

Not in this server, there are no vehicles, i think he is talking about BizRP.

which is perp that computer22 took credit for

But this thread is about the HL2RP server

A community that acts like a business, has claimed gamemodes were made by them in the past and on top of that virtually everyone who has played there has reported admin abuse or DM’ing?

Yeah, I think I’ll stay away.

Edit: Oh look, you guys also stole both Facepunch’s thread icons and rating system. Gee, this community seems very reputable.