GMod black screen.. Please help?

I have re-installed it and tried the launch configration. Whenever i start gmod it goes to creating renders then the background picture disappears so i join a server then it dosent load. I cancel it no text… What the heck is going on? Can anyone help me?

My specs:
Intel Pentium E5200 Dual core
GMA 3100
6 GB of ram
500 Gb of HDD

Your specs seem pretty fine, should be able to handle GMod pretty well. Have you always had the problem or has it started occuring recently? People who have pirated GMod are well known to have constant blackscreen issues, so a link to your Steam profile would be nice.
Check if you have any conflicting addons that may somehow screw up your loading. It’s rare that it happens but it does happen from time to time.

Well i know about the pirating you already helped me with that but now i get a black screen for some odd reason. Works on my other pc just fine its just this one/

Ah, I remember helping you out with that before.
Are you on the PC that you had some, eh, explicit stuff on? Did you get the ‘explicit’ stuff entirely removed before buying GMod / installing GMod? Like, which PC are you on? The one with the traces of that stuff or a clean computer? That explicit stuff is hard to get rid of without formating or reinstalling everything if you don’t know all the location of the files.

Listen jack, i told you so many times already that i already did this. It should work on this pc whatso ever and stop asking about the pirate thing…

ANyone? This still happens for some idiotic reason…