Gmod Black Textures And Shiny Textures

NOTICE : Its Black Not Because its DARK

So,My Gmod have A Problem in some maps where there’s black texture and Shiny texture,when i highlight the black texture with flashlight the black textures is gone,can you help me??
Here’s Some Pictures For The Proof Of Them Shiny Textures And Black texture
Shiny Textures :

Black Textures :

BlackTextures With Flashlight Highlighted :

Plz Help me Fix This Texture Problem Thank you :slight_smile:

With the flashlight picture it seems like it is supposed to be that way on the server.

I Think its a NO Because this Problem Has Been Messing with me for a Long time on different maps

Can you run “debug_dump” in your console (open the console with shift+escape) and post the contents of the generated file here? It’ll be created in SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/debug_dump.txt.

Preferably in

 tags or on pastebin or something.

The black textures just look to me like they are dark maps. When you use the flashlight it does its job and provides light

Looks to me like it’s something wrong with the map. Maybe a leak or try to run buildcubemaps in the console.