Gmod blackscreen virus?

“I decided to go on singleplayer one day and it crashed at the end of the loading menu. No warning, the screen went black as a stone. The lights for my monitor and computer itself were still on, but the light for my keyboard was off. I couldn’t use task manager, I couldn’t even see my cursor. Turned off, and on. Happened again after 20 seconds of running around city8 with a crowbar and jumping. Turned off, and on. Happened at the menu of RPwars (this time the screen was a dark shade of blue). Turned off, and on. Happened again in RPwars (this time the screen went an interesting shade of peach). Turned off, turned on. Turned off, and on again.
I uninstalled garry’s mod from steam. It was still there so I had to delete the folder manually.
I reinstalled garry’s mod. No success.
I reinstalled again. This time it started on 90% - When it was complete I couldn’t find the folder anywhere.
I reinstalled again. This time half of the folders were missing - There was no update for garry’s mod, and the maps were missing.
I reinstalled again, and played. No success - It crashed on the loading screen.
I then got bored and player counter strike.
I then decided to scan for viruses using Norton. No viruses.
So, I decided to reinstall steam. No success. Although I managed to get in a good game of Sim City 4 while steam was installing.”

I posted this on another thread in another forum. One of the users on the forum said it is probably a virus. So have you ever come across a virus which makes your gmod blackscreen like this? Help would be much appreciated.


Sounds like your graphics card is dying.

Sounds like you have to clean up your PC from inside. It’s probably full of dust.

Oh, no. It’s only on gmod that I crash. I got my graphics card 2 months ago, it was able to run gmod. I cleaned out the PC also a couple of weeks ago. Hence why I was playing counter strike and Sim City 4 for three hours while I waited for steam and half life 2 to reinstall :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a video of the problem (If it helps)

I got the problem before (I think from a DarkRP server)… co-incidentally I was playing on DarkRP around the time a suspicious SAV file popped up called ‘‘Spider’’ in the My Documents folder. I had a search around, and although it is (apparantly) meant to be a solitaire game save file, I haven’t played solitaire in ages. Also, it has a half life 2 icon.

How is a blackscreen a virus.

This sounds like a hardware issue. Not a virus.

By the way, What kind of PSU do you have?

I don’t know, but it’s -old-, more than 2 years old I think. I thought it’d be something dodgy with the PSU, but why do I mess up only on gmod?

I had this problem too. This is called “overload”. You must restart your pc, run the game, restart tour pc and run the game again. Found it useful.

GMod is much hungrier in terms of hardware usage than most games.

My previous graphics card broke like a week after i bought it. Besides you could have broken it when cleaning you PC inside.