Gmod blender scale?

my friend has recently sent me some models for blender he made a while back and asked me to put them into gmod, he says the model scale is 1 blender unit to 1 centimeter, does any one know the blender scale of most gmod items?

All the Source models are scaled to real world units, so you should be okay. I’ve not used Blender before, but you should be okay, so long as you’re using real-world units.

Im not sure what the units in blender are, but i know that 1 gmod unit is the same as 1 inch irl if that helps at all.

you can always check the sizes using hlmv on the bones tab called “hitbox size”

then use the formula <wantedsize>/<currentsize> to get a $scale number.

1 GMod Unit = 1 Inch
You’ll probably have to scale your models a bit.