GMod Blood

Hi. I just want to know why the BLOOD PUFF OR SPLASH (The one who comes out of the people’s body when they get shot) is the Team Fortress 2 one. I spawned an Emitter today and saw that it was the TF2 one. I actually own TF2. Is that the problem? Is it normal?

Here’s a pic:

Any help?

PS:The Title is “Help”.

You’re using the wrong type of particle. look down the list, there should be another type of blood.

I just took a look to the emitter list and there isn’t. And thanks for awnsering my posts. :slight_smile:

This is actually interesting, I would like to know too!

Yes. Please help! This is freaking me out!
And well, this is the same particle that comes out of the NPCS when I shoot them.

I had that problem when I just had TF2 and Garry’s Mod, no other games.
Since I bought Orange box (for half life and such), it’s gone to the normal HL2 blood effects

Well, I bought all the Orange Box games (stupid me) except Portal. And this problem still pisses me off.

Just out of interest, what happens if you unmount TF2 from gmod?
Does the blood go to normal Half Life blood?

Wow. I didn’t think on that. I’ll try and post whatever happens. But won’t that block all the TF2 content such as ragdolls and other stuff?

Cool! Thanks Chris220. But there’s a problem.

Extract them :3

try unmounting half life 2 then mount tf2 then mount half life 2 again
or episode 2 where ever the blood effects come from

I have all source games mounted (except l4d 1 and 2, of course) and i dont have this this problem. Am i just a lucky one?

Basically, un-mount all the Hl2 stuff, restart gmod, mount them, restart. See if it works.

Thanks guys. I’ll try.

Alright. Go into the garrysmod/garrysmod/particles.

Find a txt file called “Particle_manifest.txt”

do something to it.


Wait I just checked and my “blood impact” isn’t even showin up

Rated useful :downs:

Rated informative :fuckyou:

Haha yeah, that was the big downside to my solution!
Any luck on unmounting hl2 stuff, restarting and re-mounting it?

I thought you couldn’t unmount HL2?