Gmod - Braid Style

What if Gmod had some of the stylizing of Braid?


  1. At least some of the time manipulation the game had.
  2. Some cool music to go with everything.
  3. Nice filters to make everything look green and happy.

Well the 3. point shouldn’t be a problem, due to GMod’s post processing utilitie. You can actually do that by yourself, just go into the Q menu and play around with the post processing. You can find it at the right under one of the tabs, don’t know which one at the moment. Haven’t played in a while.

To get slowmotion, create it yourself with the alias command [if you don’t know what this is, it allows creation of new console commands]

For example
Alias “+Slowmo mat_yuv 1; host_timescale 0.2;phys_timescale 0.1”
Alias “-Slowmo mat_yub 0; host_timescale 1;phys_timescale 1”

Enter the two commands after eachother in console, then use
Bind “anykeyhere” +slowmo

No need for a script for this.

The mat_yuv part makes it go black and white while in slowmo, looks cool.