GMod broke for like a week or 2 now

So yeah as the title says, my Gmod has not worked for about 2 weeks now, I’m on a mac, and basically what happens is I try to load Gmod but it just goes to the blue loading screen and stops there, anyone got any advice on how to fix this? Just to let you know in advance, I have reinstalled Gmod and steam so yeah… :L

It’s working fine for me. (I don’t have any solution to your problem)

I have this problem too. Ever since gmod 13. if you look whats behind the screen it says engine error could not load library client. I am also on a mac. I miss garrys mod. anybody have any tips or tricks to get it working? I already deleted bin then gmod/gmod/bin then tried re installing since that all failed on me and I kept trying nothing works.

lol, your using a mac. Get a windows pc. problem solved.