gmod broke

So, I was rejoining a server after it crashed and I got an error saying something like getluatable = table or something. So after I restart gmod it crashes saying “hl2 has stopped working.” I have tried every single fix possible. Please Help!
Crash Log:

New Title wont show up for me so I will post it here! :slight_smile: Garry’s Mod crashing at blue loading screen “HL2 Has stopped working.”

EDIT: I reinstalled twice and it works now! :smiley:

Have you tried restarting your computer? Please make a list of everything you tried, so we don’t waste our or your time.

I have tried:
All the commands in my launch options
Resetting my computer
Reinstalling gmod
updated my drivers
updated windows
updated all games that use HL2

U Fuked

no pls fix

This usually happens to me when I am alt tabbed to long and then alt tab back in. All I have to do it restart the game and it works just fine =/