gmod broken

Ok so everytime i go on gmod, the screen is blank shows the pictures, but no options to join server or to disconnect or anything, I have to reinstall and verify my game files every single time i go on gmod, which wastes 30mins of my time, so i have no idea what to do i searched for solutions, and i have found nothing

Can someone please fucking reply to me, There has to be a fix for this i get get a blank screen when i open my gmod and it shows nothing, i verify game cache or whatever and says i have like 20 something reaquired i reinstall i play i close gmod, same fucking problem happens, reinstall again and again

First of all don’t be rude, we’re here to help you, not work for you.
Is Garry’s Mod the only game that does this? This sounds more like a steam related problem than a game related problem. Have you tried reinstalling Steam?