Gmod BSOD???

Right, so every time I join a multiplayer server it will load and run perfect for about 20 minutes then out of nowhere I get a bright flash of some random color that takes up the entire screen (So far I got, red, green, and yellow) then it goes black and reboots my PC like normal. I don’t even get the regular blue screen of death. Yes my drivers are up to date and theres no way I don’t have enough RAM, I have almost no other programs running.

EDIT: Fixed! I just put in -dxlevel 110 (DirectX level 11) in the launch settings for Gmod and it is now running smooth with no crashing.

Graphics card problem.
Contact the place where you bought the computer from. I’ve seen this before, it even happens to brandnew computers. However, to be 100% sure that it’s a hardware problem, try updating everything again.

Your graphic card drivers might be outdated. Keeping your driving card updates up-to-date is necessary to get the latest bugfixes and performance updates. You could also try running the latest windows updates.

Common driver websites

Other updates
Windows Update

If it’s ONLY in garrysmod then it’s not forced to be the graphics hardware, in fact probably isn’t.

Not on Vista by any chance are you? I think cam.End3D() still BSOD’d vista.

Of course it can be a hardware problem, even if it appears only in one game… not every game uses all the functionality a graphic card offers. Can be bad luck. If re-installing and driver updates don’t work, I would definitively consider it. How about other source games OP?

True, but I meant other high powered games. Ones that can push the temp up as well as challenge other aspects of the card. If it’s only gmod I’d very much doubt it to be GPU based.

Also telling someone out right it’s there hardware is a bit harsh, you could cost them to waste a fair bit of money.

Well, every other game is fine, DOD, CSS, BF3. Its just in Gmod for some reason. Also no I’m on Windows 7.

Try running a GPU stress test, and look for artifacts or crashing.