Gmod bug | Please help me

Now I taped a bug that occured to me while I were gaming, or trying to.

Do any of you have the slightest idea on what this is?

I really do appreciate any form of help :smiley:

Oh my god, I hope that I atleast got some of the words right ! lol

did you download some type of physics thing?

no, it happened today, and the latest things that I have downloaded is some ragdolls :confused:

Had something similar once. I took a re-install of GMod after struggling with it for two days. Did not find the problem.

That will fix it. Just remember to wipe the GMod folder completely so no residue of possible errors are left if you choose to re-install.

awe that sucks ^

Iโ€™m gonna try to reinstall everything, bye bye my good addons :frowning:

should make a backup folder of addons that you REALLY REALLY want to keep

lol yeh I should.
kinda to late :frowning:
well Svn Updater, save my gmod :smiley:

Do you have player resizer? When i got it, i had the same bug, after deleting it, everything came OK.

No I donโ€™t :slight_smile:
everything works now, I just reinstalled it :smiley: