GMod buy on Steam?

Hey, I’ve been thinking of buying Garrys mod 10 through steam, but is it really Garrys Mod 10?

Is it gmod 10 or gmod 9?

its gmod 10…

Thank you for that…:slight_smile:

To be Honest it should say Gmod 10, i wasn’t sure Either at the Time.

Gmod 9 = free if its 10$ its gmod 10

Me too, haha.

It isn’t Gmod 10, it’s just Gmod.
If we count the version, it would be like Gmod 71
Oh, and if you hadn’t already, buy it with the CSS bundle, you’ll need a lot of material from CSS

Oh 09’ers :rolleyes:

It would be recognized as gmod v 1.1
Whilist the pre-source gmod would be recognized as Gmod v 1.0 the free version would be recognized as Gmod v 0.9

But we don’t call Gmod by numbers anymore, since the updates are small. Nothing major like it was in 2007.
And since Garry thought that calling it gmod v 0.9 wouldn’t look good, he decided to just call it Gmod 9, as it is the 9th version that is released.

Gmod 9 will say MOD and Gmod 10 won’t say it. And Gmod 10 will have Team Fortress 2 screenshots on it.

It’s GMod 10, but just refer to it as Garry’s Mod. That’s what everyone plays nowadays.