GMod Calculator

This is a simple in-game calculator for gmod. Currently limited to four basic operations, but hopefully this will change in the near future.


Simply extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons.

You can bind any key to the ‘calculator’ concommand.

Useful for caculations when you can’t be bothered quitting or running in window mode.

Using DFrame would be better.

Is this Client or Serverside?

It does work with the numpad keys right?

its clientside and wont work with numpad keys.

Did you stop Division by Zero?

That’s what I was thinking now to test it

Dividing by zero in Lua returns a 1.#INF number. Just like math.huge().

Anyways, pretty nice work. I was working on something like this a few months back, ended up just making a graphical unit, similiar to the one on Graphical Calculators (ie. TI-84 Plus). :buddy:

This will be useful for when I’m jewing as a banker in darkrp… Yes… all shall work out for Hebrew McMoneyGrabber…


I divided by zero and my pants exploded

i don’t see why you would need this but it is cool none the less

It should…

There should be a square root function, and some exponent functions. I’ve had to do alot of math in Garry’s Mod :downs: