Gmod camera and the source recorder

They very much don’t like each other i have noticed. I’m currently working on a project where i would love to have the zooming feature of the camera in use but sadly every time i play the demo back the FoV from the camera is gone and is back to the regular FoV.

I’ve tried using fraps. Can’t set my host_framerate 30 to make fraps smooth because it really fucks with the animations in my facepose.

So is there any way at all to give me the same effect as the camera zoomed in and have it record right?

and yes I’ve tried the FOV commands in the console and they don’t zoom in far enough.

Don’t use demos with the Source Recorder in Gmod.

Do your shit in realtime like men do :science:

Can’t seem to do that either. i would have to put in host_framerate 30 (i believe) to make the fps a constant 30 and to keep the music and facepose in time, but source doesn’t seem to like that either; because the animation speeds up with the fps and then waits for the music to catch back up, creating a pause.

I know how you feel, this is the bane of filming with SR in Gmod and it annoys me to no end. The best alternative I have found is to actually render the footage with the startmovie command without using a demo. I haven’t tried using this method with a faceposer scene though so I don’t know how it would turn out but for other things it actually works quite well.

Actually an even better thing to do would be to make a simple swep that has just the one zoom setting you want, it should record that way. The gmod camera has an adjustable zoom system which doesn’t get recorded in demos but a swep with a single zoom setting should work. You could also try using the crossbow or suit zoom, there may also be a way of adjusting the amount of zoom from them by adjusting config scripts but i’m not entirely sure about that.

If I didn’t respect you as much as I do I would give you a dumb rating.

Not all of us have supercomputers that can record HD in realtime.

the crossbow is a really great idea, didn’t think about that.

EDIT: shit just shot the actor.


Another quick question, is there any other format i can use to record with AVI besides Source’s defualt DivX, seeing as the files end up being 4+ gigs.

And i’ve tried setting it to other things but they all just default back to DivX

ORRRRRRR, you can just go to the camera tool and right click and move your mouse foreword to zoom as far foreword or back as you want. It lets you get zoomed angles and wide angle shoots, bro. =)

Did you read the first post?

Wait, do you mean that little message saying “FIXME: DivX only for now”? that doesn’t change anything, it’s meaningless. How long are the recordings? they are going to be pretty large anyway but if they are that big it probably means that you are recording completely uncompressed. One of the best codecs to use when recording is Xvid.

it’s about 92 seconds :v: and thanks


When I said realtime, I’m not talking about the recording itself, I meant the actions, such as trigger your scene, make the NPC walk… Since SR usually slows down the game a lot, it’s very easy to give all the orders at the beginning, then switch to your camera.

Basically: never EVER use a demo with Gmod, it breaks things horribly.

I have none of these problems, Source recorder works well with gmod for me and there is practically no slowdown while recording the demos and they work in most ways except for this camera zooming problem that this thread is all about. In order to get HD video I have to use Source recorder and demos, fraps just won’t cut it for me.

Use Catmull-Rom cameras, zoom feature will work that way using demos.

AFAIK, Catmull-Rom breaks horribly with demos and savegames


I use the Source Recorder for the same reasons. But I don’t use demos with it.

Since it looks like you used Sony Vegas to edit your movie, you can easily use that to create a zoom effect.