[GMod] Cannot join any server ("Retrieving server info...")

Hello everyone

Until today, I never had any problems joining any servers on GMod.

But since today, whenever I try to join a server, I can’t get past “Retrieving server info…” and can’t play on any server anymore. I tried to join several different servers. It gets stuck at “Retrieving server info…” for a while (maybe 10 - 15 minutes?) and then disconnects, saying I timed out.

Now the thing is that my ISP changed yesterday.
GMod was working with the old router yesterday (while already connected to the new ISP), but I got a new router today from the new ISP and it stopped working after switching out the old router with the new one. I set up port forwarding for my new router (a Fritz!Box 7490), but it doesn’t work.

I also disabled my firewall and tried to verify game cache. Additonally, I downloaded and installed Garry’s Mod on my laptop today to check whether it’s a problem with my desktop, but the problem occurs on both computers. Maybe I should also mention that I’m now using a wireless connection while previously (until yesterday), it wasn’t wireless.

Other Steam games work perfectly fine in mulitplayer, it’s just GMod where I can’t join servers anymore.

Here’s my desktop’s specs just in case:
Windows 8.1
i7 4770k
16 GB
2x GTX 770

I would be very glad if someone has any advice for what I could do to fix this or to help me find out the cause of the problem. Thanks a lot.

Can you try wired connection?

Unfortunately not.
The router is at a new location and the old wire is too short to reach it, although I’m planning to buy a longer wire to connect my computer. But I don’t know if that would fix the problem.

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Edit: I will try to plug in my laptop and see if it changes anything.

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Edit2: Okay, I tried using an ethernet cable for my laptop and it works, so there seems to be a problem with the wireless connection.
Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Your wireless connection can’t handle it then.

Considering this is a relatively decent router and connecting to servers in other games, I don’t think that it’s the wireless connection per say. I could be wrong.

This is key.
Can you post your port forwarding configuration?

In my router dhcp over wifi was fucked up and constantly disconnecting so I ended up setting static IP to everything. You could try that, if you need help on how to do it just ask me.

Oh sorry for the late reply, I should have posted earlier that my problem is solved now and I can join servers again. Thanks a lot for your replies.

What helped was plugging in a wire for my connection permanently because apparently, the WLAN in my home isn’t strong enough for playing GMod (but strong enough to access the internet for other things weirdly). 4 out of 5 signal bars.

I don’t have to set up any port forwarding to play GMod anymore, so currently I don’t have a port forwarding configuration (I deleted all the configurations I set up before).