Gmod Can't connect to my own server

So I made a dedicated server today and port forwarded and for some reason when I use the CMD to run the server I can’t connect but when I use the srcds.exe GUI I can connect to the server does anyone know why? Please help here is my CMD code. srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod -port 27015 +map gm_construct +maxplayers 32 -ip

bump I have no idea why this happens also when I try to connect to other servers also it won’t let me after running the console

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By the way my friends can connect I can’t and I use Norton Security sweet and I disable firewall with no luck

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I have tried local ip external ip and internal ip all I get is connection failed after 4 retries

You should uninstall Norton Security, it can cause so many problems, especially with hosting and joining online games

I tired this it didn’t change anything it seems like all g-mod servers are screwed up and I dont know why

You use Windows 8, so activate Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows Defender. Uninstall Norton, it’s literally crap.

Now, if you still have issues connecting, your ISP might be blocking port 27015. If you have AT&T, this can very much be the case, forward 27215 in your router and change the command line parameter for the port to the new one and try it out.

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As I read through your post more thoroughly I can see that the ISP blocking the port isn’t the issue. Simply remove the -ip from the command line params.