GMod can't even find my scripts?

I’ve been trying to get into Lua, and every time I try to do something, nothing happens. I have been doing tutorials letter for letter, and they haven’t been working. Last one I tried to do was Ricky’s Example SENT’s_Example_SENT which is supposed to be really easy. But any time I type in the command, it says entity not found.

I also tried making a game mode and had a similar problem.

My first thought would be I’m saving the files in the wrong place, but I have triple checked that and even tried making copies of them in other places that it could possibly work in. I also have made sure I’m saving them as .lua, not .txt.

I’m using 32x Vista, AMD Turionx2 processor. Don’t know if that helps.

(Inevitable “plz halp” here.)

What folder are they in.
Also, what command are you running that says entity not found?


I’m running what’s in the tut, “ent_create prop_outline”

I also have a copy of them in garrysmod/addons/prop_outline

The entity in question probably has a script error, which stops it from getting registered. Try lua_openscript to go fetch your entity’s files and check them for errors. Or check the console. There might be errors related to the entity in there.

Hmm. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be running.

And I assume you have init.lua, cl_init.lua and shared.lua in the prop_outline folder.

Pretty weird.

@yakahuges: Yeah thats pretty much what I’ve been saying.

@Crazy Quebec: I checked character by character, its the same as the tutorial, which I’m assuming isn’t flawed.

Yet just now I added a file for the realistic fall damage, and it worked perfectly. I’ll try another tutorial to see what happens.

Sorry for the double post. I ran lua_openscript for each file and here’s what I got:

] lua_openscript entities/prop_outline/cl_init.lua
Running script entities/prop_outline/cl_init.lua…
entities/prop_outline/cl_init.lua: 3: ‘=’ expected near ‘Ent’
] lua_openscript entities/prop_outline/init.lua
Running script entities/prop_outline/init.lua…
entities/prop_outline/init.lua:23: ‘=’ expected near ‘Ent’
] lua_openscript entities/prop_outline/shared.lua
Running script entities/prop_outline/shared.lua…
entities/prop_outline/shared.lua:1: attempt to index global ‘ent’ (a nil value)

On the third line, there isn’t a space between cl_init.lua: and the 3. It was making an emoticon.

So I guess that means there is an error in the code. Is the tutorial wrong? It is EXACTLY the same as what I have.

You might want to note Lua is case sensitive, because looks like that’s your problem.

Yeah that was it. Thank you, it works now.