Gmod causes my system sound to go REALLY low!

Well, some days I watch youtube when gmod is windowed. But what pisses me off is Gmod lowers ALL my system sounds.

In volume control my system sounds is MAXED. Gmod sounds are MAXED. Youtube is MAXED. I almost have to turn my speakers up to max just to hear the youtube video.

Can someone please help me out here?

I’m guessing windows 7.
There is a sound option somewhere about this. I’m on XP so I’m not much of a help at the moment.

Ok, where is this “Sound Option”?

Windows vista here so I can’t help either

I am running XP as well. I was listening to music one time when I decided to stop and play GM. I have a start-up song (Norther’s “Final Countdown”), which started much, much louder then the music I was previously listening to. Try going to YouTube, watching a video at regular volume, and then without touching any volume controls, start GM. If my hunch is correct, GM will be much louder. So your system isn’t getting quieter, GM is just louder. Turn the volume in GMod down if it really bothers you.

Well even when I lower Gmod’s volume the sound of my computer goes even lower. Then after I close gmod, there is completely no sound at all. I turn it up, and it works fine.

the same problem :frowning:

Go into control panel, and look for “Sound” or some other sort of audio manager if you have a separate sound card. This varies per sound card and per OS, but just poke around until you find an option called “loudness equilisation”, then disable it.

There’s an option on Windows 7 that lowers sound settings when it detects communication. Right click on the speaker icon in you tray and select sounds. Then go to the communication tab, and select “Do nothing” Apply, and it should be fixed.