Gmod chat change font?

I wanted to know how to change the default chat font, or make a own chat box, I tried using Google but it only redirected to surface.createfont on and the gmod wiki ;-;





Maybe, Have not done it before but a fast search on the wiki brought up these, This should be able to do it but don’t quote me on it

Meh… still bad with that stuff, since it only shows how to exclude joinleave, or print to console if someone opens/closes the chat.

AFAIK, you’d have to disable the chatbox with HUDShouldDraw and then create your own.

Can somebody give a “Quick” tutorial 'bout creating a custom box? I tried searching for GMods default chatbox lua file, but its not found.

if you could somehow get the chat box panel you could change the font with SetFontInternal

I like the “somehow” part

The default chat box is coded in C so you can do certain things in hooks that are called by it such as changing color of text, adding / removing chat tags, suppress data, etc…

If you want to make your own, you’ll need to use the hooks provided to you above to create a new VGUI element, display it, network the data, manage data, etc… You’ll need to do it all…

I’ll be making a tutorial on it sometime in the future, for now this shows SOME of the hooks from the base game-mode…

Use this mod I created

Simply change the example to

hook.Add("ChatModInitialize", "Example", function()