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This thread is intended for chatting about random GMod topics. Stuff that doesn’t really require a thread.

For example, threads like this:

This thread is not for technical support. Please visit the Help & Support section if you’re having issues with GMod running etc.

How close is GMod beta to release?

where is my quick answer

So we do those post yours here?

If you’re going to ask stuff like, “Just wondering what the first addon you guys downloaded was” or “What’s your favorite addon” and stuff like that, I’ll allow it. These threads tend to only receive a few good posts and then they turn into shitposting or a flame war.

The same goes for question threads. Couple good answers and the rest are shitty replies. Putting a stop to that.

Ok, I’ll start a shitty one of those: What was the mean-most contraption you ever made?

Mine was a 3D Holo screamer and a 3D Holo Vision Block (the screamer does it too)

Is there gonna be flying monkey sweps in gmod beta?

Gmod Beta? What the heck is that? Isn’t it an old GMod?

Garry’s making a nuu gmode

Ohh, I taught he was making Garry’s Game, like in his own engine :slight_smile:

He’s not really making a game right now, he’s just coding an engine.

It will also be mod-able later?

Like, garry’s mod is a sourcemod, and we will be able to make Someon’s Mod under Garry’s engine?

Well, more like a mod for a game someone creates using Garry’s engine. That’s if he releases the source and allows others to use it, however. I don’t believe he’s really made up his mind on all that. Pretty early in the coding process, anyway.

Okay… All I wanted to know, thanks…

If you’re interested in the engine progress, he usually posts stuff on his blog about it (when he’s working on it, of course)

Will Garry ever make it possible to earn achievements and use cheats? I kinda find it stupid, I mean most revolve around spending time in game and no code is going to do that. now with a game like TF2, that involves kills, which a simple bot command would do the trick.

I think source achievs auto disable if sv_cheats is on…

Hey guys,

I kinda want to go back to building in gmod, but it’s all kinda boring when it crashes all the time due to reliable snapshot overflows and such. Has this and other similar regularily appearing bugs been fixed yet?

Can i please get some help? i installet Gmod but every time i load the game it close and say hl.2 stoped working. and no reason pls help.

p.s i use css as Source for Gmod

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hi, i am sickslayers i have been searching around the internet for life support and i went on garrys mod web but the link had exceeded its limit and so i coundn’t download it, if anyone knows a good link for life support (the newest version preferably) then could they post it up

Thx :slight_smile:

My friend is making SWEPS if there is a SWEP you would like to suggest please put it