Gmod Cinema Custom website [Help me]

hi, i’m starting up a cinema server and i want to know how to create a custom url to watch video. most likely an anime website (KissAnime) but, this is my first cinema server before i was in darkrp so if you guys can tell me if its possible first and how we do it. thanks (feel free to move my thread if its not in the good section)

You’ll have to investigate their API and how to integrate plain video.

And, will you tell me how to do so? Or I need to do it all by myself

It’s your project dude, you are fully capable of looking it up yourself.

Now now, let’s not jump to any conclusions…

Did you honestly just ask that question? :v:

Here’s an example for vimeo:
What you’ll want to do is either check if the site has an API, and if they don’t, you can probably do something by looking at the source and picking out the flash or MP4 element for the video.

On top of this, you’ll also need to add support for embedding a video player through JavaScript. Other implementations can be found here:

I haven’t documented the process for integrating a new service into Cinema which makes it a bit more complicated, sorry about that.

Okay, I think I got it. Thanks for all