GMod Cinema private server - Can't enter theaters

Posted about this in the Cinema thread, but it doesn’t look like that thread’s been active for a while so I don’t think I’ll get a response anytime soon.

I have the Cinema gamemode for Gmod hosted on my own server machine, trying to get it work right for my friends and I to use. As the title suggests, neither I or anyone else can enter theater rooms in cinema_theatron. The map loads up correctly and the server knows it’s running Cinema… I’ve been in and out of the server diectory, opening up lua files in Notepad++ to see if there’s anything I can change… but I’m no coder so I couldn’t find anything.

Curiously, I can walk right through the pillars in the lobby, same goes with the doors to the theater room, except that just leads into a black void of some kind. Might be a clue.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on? I downloaded the gamemode from Github and didn’t change anything. Is there anything I need to change as a prerequisite? Could this be a problem with the map and not the gamemode?

Sorry if the fix is simple. I don’t know a whole lot about working with dedicated servers.