GMod Cinema Server


Can someone tell me how to do one? I didn’t find any guides from google, so i ended up asking from here. :slight_smile:

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More specifically

Install the gamemode to your server from workshop and you are done.

And here’s how to set up a server:

The first bat file is for HL2 and other “protected” content where you need to log in. The second one, with 4020, is for Garry’s Mod, CS:S, DOD:S and TF2 ( which is most encountered content ). You can remove the ids of ones you don’t want but leave the 4020. Make sure you remove from the + to the number.

It also shows how to start the game-mode and lists what each command does. Note, you’ll need to set up the path where you want it installed; by forcing it to a directory you end up with everything there instead of a dedicated Counter-Strike Source/cstrike, Team-Fortress 2/tf2 directories whereby the hyphen (-) gives issues in the mount.cfg