GMOD Cinema

I’ve searched everywhere for a fix even on facepunch’s forums and steam forums threads. I have a problem where my cinema screen stays white. Others can see the video just fine, I cant see nor hear it. I can see the youtube videos and such just fine just not my custom link. Other people can see and hear the custom link so its not the player at that link thats at fault.

Here’s the weird thing and yes I’ve done this all before (different PC) and had it working, but not on this PC. I have Flash Player other versions installed. I know its working correctly because the link I am trying to view comes up in the steam browser itself just fine. I’ve even tried setting the mat_dxlevel to 90 in game as seen by a dev in one post, but I get an error in console “Warning: vgui.Create failed to create the VGUI component ()” and the screen remains white. I am on my whits end about this!

PC Specs:
Windows 10 Enterprise x64 latest 1607 Update.
CPU: i7 5930k
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980ti, tried on both the latest driver (375.70) and the previous one before that. Even uninstalled drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller, before reinstalling new drivers.

Please anyone with an Idea help!

Oh and yes I’ve validated my files, I’ve uninstalled Garrys Mod and reinstalled fresh and the only workshop items I have are for GMOD Cinema.