Gmod: City attack!

Yet another of a scriptless game ideas from Uberman7788.

City Attack: What the fuck is it?

My idea for City Attack is that it is a scriptless TDM game set in a city. This is not a mindless deathmatch however. The point of City Attack is to have the Attacking side take over a city district by district, and eventually capture the town center and achieve victory. The defenders are tasked to defend the town, obviously.

How the game is played

This is squad based combat, no ramboing. The selected squad leader is your leader, you follow his orders.
We aren’t wannabe soldiers so no ranks or anything. Taking cover is important, as this gamemode isn’t going to be spray and pray, but tactics oriented. The teams may have anything in their disposal to successfully do their job, Helicopters, Jets, Artillery, Tanks, AA guns, AT guns. You name it.

The point of this gamemode is to be realistic, so tactics and things like that are important. I am going to stress this much.

Before the game starts, there will be a brief build period where the players are allowed to construct vehicles or defenses.


This is in the near future, so spaceships and such are allowed. Laser weapons are allowed but as heavy weapons, which I will go into later.

This game is going to be played as 1 round, where the attackers and defenders do everything in their power to fight for the town. This is war.

Once again, there is no spray and pray. Soldiers with machineguns will fire in bursts, and be used mainly to suppress enemies and not kill them.

If you are hit only once, and if you don’t die from the shot, you are wounded and must get a medic to help you. Or be airlifted to the main base of either team.


If you have a Shotgun: you can take a pistol, and either a rocket launcher or a secondary weapon. Or a dual wield pistol.

If you have an SMG: you can take a pistol, and either a rocket launcher or grenades. Or a dual wield pistol.

If you have a Machinegun: You can take a pistol.

Gameplay (Will expand)

If you are hit once, and not killed, you are counted as wounded and cannot fight until a medic comes to you or you are airlifted to your main base.

No spray and pray, fire in bursts to suppress. Hitting or killing an enemy is a plus.

Game will be played as 1 round, as said.

There will be a brief preparation time before the round begins to arm yourselves/ build defenses, vehicles/strategize/organize.

Rules (Will get larger as a game is made.)

All these rules must be adhered or you get a kick

  1. No Metagaming, if you hear one person say where they are going, ignore it (If you are on the other team).

  2. No sprinting around unless you are trying to get to cover that is close to you.

  3. No spray and pray. It isn’t efficient anyway.

  4. If the Attackers’ main base is a Spaceship, AA guns are not allowed to shoot it. Accidental hits are fine, but no direct attack.

  5. If the Attackers’ main base is a Spaceship, a special weapon made during the game specialized to attack spaceships must be used.

  6. Follow your squad leader’s orders. No rambos are allowed.

  7. No artillery attacks directly on the enemy. Indirect fire only. This also goes for the Cinematic Airstrike.

Download requirements outside of Gmod


Mod list (It’s big, deal with it)


Kermites: Knife, SMG V2, Machinegun, and shotgun packs.


Wire SVN

Chainsaw gun

Gibsplat mod

Nuke Pack 4

Javelin missile

Bail Out mod

Air Vehicles Pack

Ninja Rope

Cinematic Airstrike


Military models 1 and 2

KGCX (Karbine’s Gcombat)

GDC (Generic Default’s combat)

Recommended Dupes

Karbine’s mouse-aim guns

Generic Default’s Blackhawk and M1A1 MBT

Mambazamba’s artillery and naval packs

Game Setups

Weekends, there will be a game today.

thats a lot of words for battlefield bc

This looks like its got a lot of potential. However I can already tell that:

  1. Definitely needs custom maps.
  2. Is going to need a stricter set of rules and restrictions (but this could be corrected with proper lua implementation).
  3. Use Realistic CS:S or the Madcow’s Weapons, cause Kermite’s are nowhere near realistic.
  4. and that any aim to make this realistic will be simply defeated by the pure nature of gmod, I can already see some sort of cheating auto turrets, teleporting killer devices and tank (if people even bother to put them together) with spam of ridiculous amount weapons.

But I think these could be solved relatively easily but controlling the numbers of dupes allowed per match and maybe some sort of approval system for dupes. Thus one decent player on the team would be allowed to browse a limited number of decent and fair dupes.

And for a squad leader calling in things you may consider asking that guy who did the kill-streaks if you can edit his code. but its only an idea.

oh fuck snip

We played a few games this evening, and it was near perfect to what I had in mind. Just gotta trust people.