GMod closes after launching

I haven’t been on Steam for about four months or so and I finally decided to log on to play some GMod. When I try to launch it from the Steam library, it begins to start, but very quickly (without even showing me the main menu) closes down. I have tried reinstalling and verifying game cache and using the -autoconfig parameter. Nothing seems to work. If anybody has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What are your specs?

Pentium dual-core 2.5 GHz CPU
NVidia GT450 (or something like that) GPU
3070MB RAM

I’ve ran GMod just fine before. It just stopped working after I got back on Steam.

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date, and try closing steam then going into the steam folder and deleting the files that end in .blob, then start steam and see if garry’s mod works

and try messing around with addons, Addons mess with game settings sometimes… But yeah check your drivers…

I tried all your suggestions. It’s still not launching. :confused:

Thanks, though.

Try clearing out your addons folder and then booting up Garry’s Mod.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons

Wait… is Garry’s Mod supposed to be in the common folder? If so, that’s probably my problem. How do I get it there?

I posted the directory in the post above your’s.

I know, but my garrysmod folder is in steamapps/<mySteamname>/garrysmod.

Try moving that entire folder to \steamapps\common and get rid of the one in \steamapps

Don’t. If steam has set it to a certain directory leave it where it is unless you’re doing it for backup.

try using -dxlevel 80 commands in the advanced launch options if that doesn’t work you’re looking at a full re-install of GMod.

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Actually I wonder if GMod still produces a log even though it crashes if it does you might be able to submit that to github and include it

I don’t think it produced a log. I briefly looked for one, but couldn’t find any. I’m trying a complete reinstall right now.

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Update: I tried a full reinstall, launched and didn’t work. I also tried to use -dxlevel 80 as a parameter. Still didn’t work. Any other ideas?