GMod Closing after "Sending Client Info..."

No error messages, it just closes when it’s done (at least I assume it’s done) sending client info.

The only information I could get about it was from my event log, saying hl2.exe crashed due to an error in the client DLL.

People on my server says that when I try to join (and subsequently crash), it says “No steam logon” or something like that.

It’s only started happening within the last couple of days, since the recent update I think. I’ve tried reinstalling and restarting my PC.

Try deleting clientRegistry.blob and restart Steam.

Thanks for the reply; I managed to fix it by following one of your answers in another thread which was to rename the garrysmod folder. All my addons were fine because I copied them back over with no problems. Must have been something in my lua/data/cache folder I guess.