Gmod closing to desktop right after launch

The title just about says it, when I start gmod it just closes down without an error to desktop.
I’ve tried verifying game cache, and re-installing it. Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Exact same problem :confused:

Is Garry’s Mod located in /steamapps/common or /steamapps/(username) ?

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In (username)

Same problem here

cyncalmuse, when did this problem occur? i got it when i crashed and installed a new update. :confused:

Actually it’s seemed to install the new update into /common. I’m going to try to move all the gmod files from /(username) into where it’s installed

Sometime between this morning and this afternoon. I slept after playing Gmod, and after I had awoken Gmod no longer works. I’m not sure what broke :confused:

Exact same that happened to me.

Let us know if it works.

It did not, nothing I’ve tried did. God damn this is pissing me off, and why is it only happening to a select few

Its killing me, i want a solution… my favorite server is celebrating the 4th of july now…

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i just reinstalled Gmod and it Didnt work.

so for those who want to try that, Don’t.


Get a friend that has a working gmod send you the entire GarrysMod folder. Located in /steamapps/common.

Hope this helped!

Pretty sure that this is illegal…
As well as time consuming.

I’ll post a crash report if theres a crash dump… Hope this helps.

Edit : Welp, there is no crash report… great.

Why would that be illegal? It’s just a way to fix a game I payed for. And it might be a bit time consuming, but you come up with a better fix then.

Turn off Steam Cloud Syncronization and reinstall.

I’m having this probelm as well. I’ve reinstalled, deleted everything in the folder, restarted the PC, reinstalled once again, deleted addons, unsubscribed from addons, reinstalled, used compatibility mode (Win 7 one), took a little break cause it drove me nuts, came back on pc, tried running it again and so on and on…
It all started happening after my steam downloaded extra 7mb yesterday (a patch i guess?).
And i’m sad about it cause I bought the game for my fiancee yesterday as well, so we can play it together D: Anyway, I hope this gets fixed fast :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance!

P.S. taking someone’s game files (with previously owning the game) is NOT illegal. Because both people own the game already :slight_smile:

Right Click garry’s mod in the librery and click SET LAUNCH POTIONS and add this -dxlevel 90 and if that dont work try -dxlevel 91 or -dxlevel 95. it worked for me, seam’s to be a directx issue that is making the game crash let me know if this work’s for you.

this doesnt work sadly :frowning: