Gmod CoderHire Addons Conflicting!!!

Basically I have MANY addons I have bought off coderhire and if I add any more addons like the stacker tool or some really expensive addons off coderhire that need to be put on the server they just break everything

For example if I added something off coderhire like this “” 90% of my tools will disappear and most of the ones that are still there don’t work

If I even try to add simple entity’s like a vending machine all my tools will break

95% of my guns are called “Print Name” besides my phys gun

And I just do not know what to do because nobody on coderhire will help me or refund me for that matter so it’s up to you guys to help me!

Contact the authors. This isn’t the place to complain about Coderhire stuff.

I guess you have too many Lua files, so Garry’s Mod breaks due to Lua limit.

Get fewer addons :slight_smile:

That has nothing to do with his issue. You’ll very rarely hit the lua file limit, and that’s only if you have one function per file.

Don’t say that too loud in public, Acecool might hear you!

I didn’t think that anyone would catch that!

Hehe, you guys. c:

@OP, whatever was the last addon you installed where it all fucked up. Probably has a shit load of errors in it, contact the author for help, if he refuses; report the script as broken so it can be taken down and you be refunded.

I don’t know if it’s the same guy, but someone reported the same with my bubble chat
It doesn’t have errors and only creates a OnPlayerSay and PostDrawOpaquesRenderables hooks

This isn’t just about coderhire addons this is about all my addons and script’s even the ones off the workshop like some NPC’S and it makes my tools dissepear and a lot of my guns to be called “Print Name” I have team viewer if any of you lua experts can help me with this

If I put in any addons it crashes but if I am lucky (Very lucky) some of them don’t conflict so I have not hit any kind of limit can anybody help me because I litrelly still have about 20 more to put on

Can nobody help me am I the only one having this giant problem!!!

Ask for help on coderhire, not here.

Read again…Is not happening only on coderhire, it also happens with multiple addons (Not specific, just random) , and these doesn’t conflict at all, just the tools breaks…

@gonzalolog Exacly right but another effect of the bug is that some weapons are called “print name” for example the keys tool on darkrp

Pretty sure that means one of the scripts is getting an error somewhere, your best bet is to uninstall all your addons and install them again one by one and testing after each one is installed.

When I was first setting up my build server (it was a vehicle build so there were a FUCK TON of tools) having each tool in a separate addon would break it so no tools or addons would load. Try merging some addons with only a few files into one addon, that fixed it for me.