gmod coders

hey every one. im making this post because lately all of the servers i play on have been going down. with all players finding new games and it seems like people are losing intrest in gmod, no mater how cool the new gamemodes can be people stick with darkrp and ttt(from my experience) what is your opinion on the future on gmod devs? and should i keep learning lua or get ready for somthing new?

Lua’s not a “garrys mod only” language; don’t let the community discourage you from having fun learning glua.

Lua is used to code a lot
of games :slight_smile: Lua is a good base Language to learn, it will help with future inverse into coding.

some one told me once u learn a language you dont really know the language. does anyone know how this would imply for lua? i gues it means you can learn the if statement and loops and stuff but even after all that you still dont truly know the power of it

Garry’s Mod is in a really weird state right now; it’s one of the top played games on Steam and the userbase is pretty much at it’s biggest, but it really feels like the creative side is dying somewhat. I’ve scrolled down the gamemode browser quite a few times and there’s very little that jumps out at me. This is probably my own fault as I have no interest in roleplay gamemodes, which is what Garry’s Mod seems to be largely turning into.

I think there’s a sort of chain here; people don’t want to join an empty server, or if they do, they leave after a few minutes, so stuff just stays empty for a long time. Like, I always try to play the gamemodes that get released here at least once, to offer feedback and to support the dev, but often it’ll just be me on my own and that’s no fun!

As long as you’re enjoying it, I think you should keep learning, as it’s a useful skill and very nice hobby to have

I’m not sure if thats supposed to be dumb or deep?