Gmod Coding Gamemodes Not on wiki

So I would like it if someone could tell me how or add to the gmod wiki on how to make different versions of gmod gamemodes such as on people post different versions of darkrp or jailbreak and i didnt see it in the gmod wiki on how to do it so… Any and All Help appreciated.

You edit the core files so it does what you want to do, although you might get some hate from people because from the sounds of it, you want to do yet another darkRP edit.

kinda new to lua so is there like a guide? or a better explaination in terms of jailbreak

Best I can suggest is figuring out what you want to change, finding the files that are responsible for that code, and looking up how to do what you want to do.

Ok thx will do ifanybody else has anything just incase i cant figure it out then ur help will be appreciated

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And btw to avoid any confusion im trying to make a jailbreak gamemode for my jb server :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a thing that you probably have to figure out for yourself.

Watch this guys videos on Lua coding

He goes through all the basics, such as setting up teams, basic HUDs and derma panels etc. From there you can create the base to a team based gamemode. Then implement your timers and round system etc.

And if you’re still having trouble with code, post it here with your errors and people might be able to help you out.