gmod color problem

About 1 month ago I bought a Nvidia GeForce 8400 graphics card so I can run Gmod at a much faster pace and I do now (I also bought it for other games like l4d), but… ever since I have had this installed to my computer I get this color mishap thing that only happens on some props such as a cargo container.

And this is the same container its just when you look at it from different angles it turns out to be different colors… this can get very annoying as it messes with maps textures to like rocks that are from hl2. So now that I have explained the problem pleaseeee help me! Oh, one more thing this happens to all my hl2 based games, except hl2: deathmatch, which is odd.

very odd, this is prolly a update bug, in which case it was the last update which fucked it up. Other wise blame steam and not your hardware.

run in a different dx level
or use a autoconfig.

Well I tired auto-configering everything and nothing changed. How do I change the Direct X Level?

-dxlevel 81

Have you tried reinstalling your drivers?

How do I reset the Dx level?


No, because my CD-rom is broken and I have yet to replace it.