Gmod color tool problem

Something has been screwed. My color tool dont work, i cant make things invisible and paint them with new colors. I’m working on my machinima so i wont reinstall my gmod. Can any of you upload “Color” STool which i can just download and use it? I’ll be really appreciated.

The Colour stool is build into garrysmod…
you cant Download it unless you reinstall/ Rename your garrysmod folder then running gmod again

The thing is i have the color stool, but once while i had an “addon download” day, i installed all of those addons and than color stool stopped working. I deleted those addons and still color stool was broken.

What do you mean by “rename” your garrysmod folder?

Edit: I remember i download the wiremod from Now i looked at it and its checked as dangerous file so propably that was the addon which destroyed my color stool(hopefully only this one)

K i fixed it by myself. I download a tool that lets me do alot of things(such as retexturing and colouring at the same time).