Admin feedback thread


Inspired by Dragon’s Moderator feedback thread in General Discussion I thought I’d throw together this thread where you can give your feedback, criticism and the like towards the news moderation team.

If your feedback is not constructive, it will not help us improve in any way. So posts containing “stp approvin ur own newz!” isn’t helpful unless you provide a reason why approving our own news should stop.

Here’s a list of current admins:

[ul][li]mm3guy[/li][li]Bredirish123 [/li][li]Benji[/li][li]Kogitsune [/li][li]icemaz[/li][li]Dlaor[/ul][/li]
And if you see any articles that you’d like to suggest improvements on and such, feel free to link it in here.

Yay us.

mm3guy - The only realy active person on there that approves most articles.
Brenirish - Sometimes see approving
Benji - See above. However does seem to post often, then get approved by mm3guy :v:
Kogitsune - I rarely, Infact I don’t think I’ve seen an approval in a while from him.
LazyV* - Does he even do anything on there anymore?
Icemaz - Seen approve one or two.

There’s nothing you can really say about you lot, apart from how active you are.

I forgot to add Dlaor to the list, added 'im

LazyV is a admin?

Benji doesn’t post much, but when he posts, its good stuff.

mm3guy - Approves everyones post, love him :smiley:

I’m willing to be a admin. Just putting it out there

I would really think that 5 is more than enough. I mean, how much needs to be approved daily?

You never know when you fall shorthanded.

Let them know you’re available while they’re fine, and they might remember you when they aren’t.

mm3guy pretty much does it solo.

He’s the leader on there. The shot-caller, if you will.