Gmod commands on iPhone


Today i got my iPhone to talk to gmod. At the moment it only talks to the console, but i’m using a lua addon i created so i could do a lot more.

I was hoping for some suggestions for what to add to my iPhone app. Sure there’s potential for being a keypad for wire output, but is there anything else you guys can think of that would be worlds easier on a secondary device?

Keep in mind it can only talk to gmod through lua, so no you can’t stream video from a camera to the phone. Thanks in advance.

This sounds interesting.

Could you post a video?

This sounds like bullcrap, you’re a 2010’er and you joined in May…

May? I am quite sure it says June

I’m quite sure he joined in May

June 2010
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May 2010
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Says may for me too…


He registered around midnight.

obviously registered at May 31st or something


So, that needless crying about join date, out of the way, do you have a video OP?

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I lol’d at the join date thing.
but, post a video, This sounds interesting.