GMod Communities

I find it interesting how the dominant communities in Garry’s Mod seem to rise and fall rapidly.
Do you guys remember when Darkland used to be top of the game? Well the prime time of that community has gone now. The same seems to have happened to GMod Tower and Personally, I think the next one to fall will be Sass, though I commend those guys for keeping up their community for so long.

Anyway onto the point, what are your opinions on all of the GMod communities out there:
Are they good/bad?
Are their members good?
Will they fall or are they still rising?

Also, I would be interested if any of you have heard of Liquid Game, and if you have maybe you could post an opinion.

Never heard of Liquid Game.

KillaZS (Merged with Winsaucestudios, which merged with Stonedpotatoes)
Awesome. Of course, since we have four coders including myself and Chrisaster (When he’s not busy)
Mostly good members, of course, nobody’s perfect.
Still rising. We’re getting a new i7 dedi next month, so more servers and better stability and so on.

If there is a mode that allows people weapons while the rest of us are at the mercy of their wrath until the owner comes in or we leave. Then it will always die.

After the first time I never played RP again. GModstranded seems to be the next one to me, really crappy survivor with too much running back and forth and no where to really build. Mostly just for a hardcore player. And they won’t stay there forever.

I noticed zombie survivor has also died out pretty quickly.

Honestly, I think that communities that revolve around gamemodes often fall quick if said gamemodes aren’t maintained and refreshed often. GMod Tower has this problem, the only stuff they’re releasing is new player models & shit.