Gmod computer!

well, i’ve been making a working computer for gmod recently, with satisfactory results, and i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions? At the moment i’m attempting to make it have a auto numbpad presser, for factories and things, and a word proccessor (possibly with a printer)
this is an entity, that has the css monitor model, and can be navigated using the crosshair

Don’t we basically have all of this in Wire anyway (assuming, of course, that you are making it with Lua as your post implied)?

i suppose, but i assumed it would save time for it to be in a quick spawnable sent :smiley:

I’ve always found this idea interesting: have a button on the computer that opens that Firebox web browser when you log on, displays it on the computer screen entity, that way, you could actually have a real computer (for example, by making the web browser go to a web desktop, like EyeOS). I checked, Firebox can load EyeOS right, by the way.

That’s a very interesting idea, intergrating the internet into a sent? I should do some research on the matter!

Firebox anyone?

Hell yeah!

imagine that, watching porn in gmod.
mingebag: why do i see all these errors?
guy who knows more than mingebag: you need PHX!!
mingebag: oh, where from?
guy who knows more than mingebag: here ill spawn his entity here, and you can get it in advance.
mingebag: wouldn’t that make my ping go up? and ill have to restart gmod? and why is it an error?
guy who knows more than mingebag: oh god

is it a bit like this (further in the thread some one re-created it and SVN update of it is available)

but with an internet browser?

Yeah you probably just stole Black Phoenix’s kernel and said it was your own. Also, I have the Wire GPU.

i’d just like to say i did NOT steal any form of code.
and yes, i could probably add a internet browser.
mine is going to look like vista
but whats a wire GPU? or do you mean CPU?
also i did say it’s only in the testing stage, i haven’t reached a complete beta yet, i’m just adding to it, so this is the time for suggestions! But then it would have to be big so that you could see things good. Then I could listen to any song when I’m playing Garry’s Mod :smiley: Make it have good speakers, and make it an alienware…wait a minute…I could play gmod in my gmod! And then in that gmod play gmod, and then…

hehe that sounds cool, i wonder if i could get some custom models in.
i’d better get on with the code then, else this thing’s never gonna get out. :smiley:

A gmod - browser?

Heh, could I add an addon with it?

Then, if I could, I could see about some addon that restarts gmod, which you might add as a feature?

EDIT: So you didn’t even start on the code?

Idea: Alse make a webcam that you can wire to the computer (or it could be wired in advance) and then you can chat with the computers and see eachother!

Perfect for RP. :slight_smile:

Been done before by Night-Eagle

Will yours be better than his?

I’m roughly half way through a decent beta!
But so far i can’t see the firebox idea being possible :confused:
and pinquintoj it will probably be better than the first link, and considerably better than the second.
and i could have a crack at a more RP oriented version

Can you play Gmod on this computer?

The RT camera does that, with an added screen.

The computer would need only to have a modified version, possibly of both, so that multiple people could see - the - screen of another person.

The modified RT camera would look more like a webcam, along with being compatible with having multiple computers.

Above user:


What if I could play gmod on the gmod that is on the computer gmod, and so on?