GMod Console Game

I think it would be the godliest game in the world to have GMod for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that can possibly connect to servers on the PC. So that way people can host servers on their computer and play them off of the Xbox or PS3. It would need to be scripted from scratch but I think it would be well worth it. $60 a game versus $10. You would make a lot more money and TONS more people would start playing. Since I have a shitty computer I can’t even play lots of maps, so if I was able to play it on my Xbox that would be amazing. I’m just suggesting it, don’t start freaking out on my if it’s a bad idea. Just tell me why. At least think about it instead of just saying no.


We’ve thought of it hundreds of times.






It’s never going to happen.


It will never happen.

End it now.

It would be completely retarded in every way. The controls would suck, there would be 10x more retards than there already are, you would need an insane amount of memory, etc.

Here we go again…
If any mods are listening, MAKE “GMOD ON CONSOLE PL0X” threads bannable. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE.

I’m not even gonna start. Just… No.

Yeah! Then my 10 year old friends and I could play Garry’s Mod after ragequitting and screaming into a microphone on Modern Warfare 2! Oh, and my God! DARK RP ON THE CONSOLES WOULD BE FUCKING AWESOME!!11

I’ll go against the bandwagon by assuming you simply didn’t research that idea first. What you’re saying sounds nice but there are a few major limitations. The first one would be the controls that would be entirely incompatible, but that can be fixed with specialized gamemodes of course.

The second one is that you just can’t update games as you like on these consoles, so it would have to be an entirely distinct version of Garry’s Mod because otherwise it would always be outdated.

The third problem and I think the biggest is that it wouldn’t be worth the trouble and not a whole bunch of people would sell/buy that product.


Let me also add that I think everyone who yelled at you or didn’t bother to put more then a word in his reply is an idiot.

They aren’t idiots. they just don’t have any more tolerance for this stuff.

Steamworks for PS3 When Portal 2 comes out :frogbon:

Yeah I was assuming this was a very exclusive deal between Valve and sony. Would Sony give Garry the capability to update his game as will without their interference? It’s possible but it didn’t strike me as likely.

Controls would be an issue plus I doubt Garry would want to port it.

It would be cool… but meh it IS a lot of work and i dont think a lot of people here think of it a good idea.

Yeah ill stick to my pc.


This wont happen, stop suggesting it.

Unless if someone ports source to a console. If that ever happens then it is possible to run it without steam… but maybe im treading into deep waters…
I probably shouldn’t describe more than that.