Gmod Constantly Keeps Crashing

So I’ve had Gmod for a few years and it has always run fine with the occasional crash but now out of nowhere I can play 10-15 minutes until it crashes with no error on screen just freezes, black screen and I’m at the desktop. So far I’ve deleted the garrysmod folder reinstalled Gmod played around with dxlevel and verified game integrity. Please help if you can.


Have you checked your temperatures and ensured you have the latest video drivers for your system? Can you post your PC specs?

16GB DDR4 2133
500 watt psu
Asus ROG VIII Maximus

I’m assuming you have the latest video drivers. Does this happen in other games?
Are you running recording software or any other programs in the background?
Try restoring all settings such as the dxlevel to default…

I actually had ShadowPlay running like an ass and I think that was the problem cause I’m playing hours without crashing

Could be the culprit. Let us know if it comes back.

Well it’s back again yesterday i was able to play the whole day now every time I look at a base that has many props or get close it crashes, I play on DarkRP servers

All I can suggest is to make sure there are absolutely no other programs running in the background which could effect gameplay (Make sure shadowplay didn’t re-enable itself when you restarted) and that you are running a clean install of garry’s mod.