Gmod control problem unable to look around


I recently got gmod, and found that I cannot look left or right when I move my mouse. So I tried connecting my Xbox one controller, and found that I could look left + right, but now couldn’t look up or down lol. I’ve tried seaching online for a solution; I’ve tired using another mouse, multiple re-installs, resetting my controls and a few other things posted on forums. I can use my mouse / controller perfectly fine with GTA V. Does anybody know why this is happening and / or how to solve it?

At the very least I would have expected my mouse and keyboard to work right? Tried reconfiguring “look up” and “look down” to the up and down keybaord buttons, but again they don’t work. Would a steam controller be likely to fix this problem?

I’m running Windows 10 Pro (x64). Any help would be much appriciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

What are your launch options for Garry’s mod?

Thanks for replying. I’m a complete beginner so not sure, I’ve literally just got a clean install so whatever the defaults are? How can i access my launch options?

Go into steam right click Garry’s mod then go to properties then “set launch options”

It’s empty.

try some of the things posted in this thread

No, none of those seem to work.

This is my cfg file if it helps:

Btw, just noticed, when I use just my mouse, again I can look only up and down, however I can only look left and right with the left and right keyboard buttons. Tried editing the controls so “look up” was the up button and “look down” was the down button. But they don’t seem to work. Only the mouse allows me to look up and down.

delete that and then restart gmod

Nope, didn’t do anything. Did you notice anything strange in my cfg file? I guess the two main strings would be
m_rawinput “0”
cl_mouselook “1”

But these seem fine according to the thread you linked. When I type the command cl_mouselook “1” into gmod, i get “Can’t set cl_mouselook when connected”. Dunno if that matters.

Hey guys, managed to solve the problem. The problem was definitely due to my config file. Still don’t know what teh exact issue was, but what I did was ask a friend for his gmod config file (one who could actually use his mouse to look around), and edited my file to take into account the difference between both files. Then i set my config file to read only, and hey presto, it worked, i could look around with my mouse 360 degrees. I’ve posted a copy of the file here in case anyone needs to use it in the future.