Gmod Crash- Cannot Allocate any server IP

Im running my Dedicated server (SRCDS) from the same machine i play gmod with, whenever i try joining my own server i get an error that says “Could not allocate and server IP” And gmod crashes, is it cause You cant run 2 engines at once… or what?

You just need to add this to your autoexec.cfg for your gmod

hostport 27016
clientport 27006
tv_port 27021

Hey, I’m having the same problem, where exactly do I put this, I’m not sure where to find it.

put zis in the server folder, go to orange box, gmod, gmod, cfg folder

No, in the gmod folder, not the server one.

I put it in the server folder and it worked fine. I made a CHANGELING server today. too bad nobody else wants to play that gamemode tho…

hey guys, i have a dedicated server all set up and ready to go, but i cant connect to it myself, my friends went in and said it was great. i have forwarded all my ports, put my ip in the target for the server launch. im out of ideas. i dont know what to do.