Gmod Crash mac

So here’s what happens

I open gmod
join my favourite dark rp server
it load until it displays “workshop complete”
after a few minutes it crashes

I am on mac running OS X maverick

That’s what you get for being on mac while gaming.

Considering you are using a Mac that comment was twice as stupid as it was already. Macs are fine for gaming, but Garry’s Mod has some issues with OSX and Linux.

Does the crash happen on any server or just darkrp?

You idiot, I said that’s what you get for being on a mac while GAMING. I’m not gaming on this mac.

Still an unhelpful reply. This is the help & support section. If you are not asking for help, or not giving support, please refrain from posting. Thanks.

@OP There’s a couple of common crash bugs on OS X. Does a crash log appear? Could you post it?

You’re the fucking idiot for not realizing that OSX has plenty of games for it, and providing you have decent hardware it will work ok, the source engine isn’t really intensive anyway

i believe its just Gmod… new university issue computer so yea

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also pretty sure its any gmod server with lots of addons to download through workshop even though i have it already


So everytime you join the server it downloads the same things everytime? Make sure the Garry’s mod folder isn’t read-only