Gmod crash (MAC)

Hello, a friend recomended (spells?) this forum to ask for help.

My problem is that when i want to play Garrysmod and join a server it crashes everytime on sending client info.

so i ask for help in this forum :slight_smile: and i hope that someone cangive me help :slight_smile:

I just got the PHX3 and Wiremod and ADV dupe addons no more

More info:

I can join some servers WITHOUT crashing but when i try to join my Favorite it crashes non-stop!
i reinstalled the game 3 times but everyfirst time after i reinstalled can i play on the server for a while but after that it freezes and crash on single player too when i am on the server 2-4h i crash :frowning:

if you guys need any more info just ask me:)

Mac Specs, now.

Operating system : 10.6.5

Processor: Intel Core2 Duo P7550 @ 2-26Hz

Memory: 2 GB

if you need anything more just tell me :open_mouth:

Wiremod has been known to make people hang at the loading screen when connecting to a server due to its mod content.

Probably not useful or revelant information but I used to have a similar problem like this while I was running GMod on my old machine:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 @ 3ghz
Graphics Card: ATI HD 4650 1GB (AGP)
RAM: 2gb

but i crash exactly (spells?) when i try to join the server and then a pop up comes up what the problem was.

Post a screenshot of the pop-up that shows when you crash please.

how do i post screen picture?
nvm… i just found another way :stuck_out_tongue:

you can see the picture there

so you cant help me :(?

I have already the same problem. It is impossible to join a server without crash.
I am a mac user too.

MAC Sux :> thats the problem sry to say…

Mac is probaly not the best
so my Choice is Buy Windows and u got a Smile then
or get Linux ¬.¬

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I buy this game because it was avaible on mac. First it work good but after an update… Already crash :s. Anyone have a solution ? a patch ?

It is bound to have errrors gmod on windows is’t completely stable yet either

Fuck off you fucking idiot.

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Ontopic: Try running Garry’s Mod with no addons, see if it does it then.

I just reinstall Gmod without addon, i delect the cache before… Already the same crash :s

Right Click Gmod in steam> Properties> Local Files> Defragment Cache Files, then Verify Integrity of game cache

… crash ><. I think we must wait a patch for mac :s or a gmod update