Gmod crash on Connect (MAC)

I sometimes crash on this server I play on, but other times i dont. It says retrieving server info for a while, then just crashes leaving me with hl2_osx has crashed. I heard it’s because of the following phx props:


There is also a crash when you try to load a texture at the bottom of the materials list with the materials tool.

Yes, I’m aware of the other posts, But none of them have a real solution. I tried using the svn to download these and place them in the folders, but it didn’t do anything.

This is really starting to piss me off. Does anyone have a solution? Yes, I’ve defragged, Verified files, Reinstalled the game, I always get the same error.

And if you read the title I’m on mac. So your windows solutions probably wont work.

Link to your Steam profile?

Also. PHX comes with the game, you don’t need to download it.

Yeah heres a link to my profile.

Also if you need it, my steam id is: STEAM_0:1:19065169

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Lol phx is in the game? Lol when did that happen? I’ve had the game for about 3 years and i pretty much only go on to check out the newest mods. Nothing like this has ever happened until I made the switch to mac.

Exact same thing for me since I got the game in January, and there’s a few threads here somewhere about this for Macs. Crashes consistently 7/10 times I try to join a multiplayer server. Another interesting thing that happens is that sometimes I can join a server and I get in the game, but when I look a certain direction of the map I crash. I’m pretty sure this is due to certain materials that crash me. I also can’t pull up the material menu anymore without crashing. And one last thing, does anyone know how to wrap a code in tags so I can show Garry the problem?

Yes it happens whenever I join a server with the props, spawn the props in singleplayer or multiplayer, or scroll down to the bottom of the material list.


Sorry to bump an old post, but I still face this problem, please help!

Agreed, i hope garry does some bug fixing for the mac on GMod 13, because you crash on 50% of all servers you join and it crashes when you load materials with both the material tool and sometimes for maps

macs also can’t use the extracted bsp from a bz2 download