Gmod crash on "Initializing Game Data"?

I’ve recently formatted my PC, and decided to install Garry’s Mod again. After a tedious download time of my addons, I have found that the game crashes whilst on the “Initializing game data” phase, when starting a new game. This game used to work perfectly fine in the past, running on the same machine. However, I managed to narrow it down to being an addon (or the simple fact of being too many addons) causing the incident. I’ve tried using the “-dxlevel 95” or “+mat_dxlevel 95” launch parameters (I think I even utilized them both when that dump file was created) to no avail.
I’ve uploaded the dump file here.
I tried to read the dump file myself, but I’d have better luck trying to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
So, I forwardly thank any help provided.