Gmod crash on map change

Hi, new guy here

Anyway, the past week or so, my Gmod has been acting weird lately. Unfortunately, this only seems to be occurring on a certain server, celebrityGaming for Prop Hunt.

Problem is, after we vote for a new map, as we are going to switch to it, my Gmod just crashes without an error message. No “hl2.exe has encountered an error” or anything.

I know that the maps that we have played on load fine for me, I just dont know what is generating an error.

I have all my settings on high, multi-core rendering, and have NO addons whatsoever. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled my Gmod.

I only have my CS:S active, nothing else. I have my .mdmp files, but no way to read them.

Anyone help, please?

Edit: Solved: Did not have Prop Hunt Gamemode installed/enabled.