Gmod crash on "Sending Client Information..." when joining a specific server

I’m trying to join our own BaseWars server to fix some content and have some fun of course, but instead I crash to desktop with the famous “hl2.exe have stopped responding” when it comes to “Sending Client Information…”

If anyone is wondering, I have already done the following steps (before I made this thread):

*** Restarting Garry’s Mod

  • Restarting the computer/laptop
  • Uninstalling/Deactivate every addons I have
  • Writing vgui_allowhtml 0, but that doesn’t exist anymore so it doesn’t work anyway
    I can play singleplayer however if someone is wondering, and my own hosted PropHunt server that I play with my friends time to time. Anyway, I know I’m not the only one with this issue since lots of my friends have the same issue. It even happens if you play on different OS and/or computers, so I think it might be connected to the SteamID information, but I’m not sure. If anyone have ‘temporary’ fix, I would be happy.

Note: doesn’t work, because the subdomain is broken, else I get that the site is unreachable by CloudFlare .-.


Played Gmod today on the same server, and somehow it didn’t create a dmp file (I also checked steam/dumps)

Try putting -dxlevel 95 in your startup parameters.